3 Simple Keys to Facebook Content Strategy Success

Facebook is big. In their latest earnings announcement, Facebook has two billion people using the platform. If you are an organisation, the people you serve and want to serve are there. What’s the best way reach them? What interactions can you seek to have there?

FaceBook Algorithm

How does a user see an organisation’s posts and what are ways to optimise for that?

Long story short, it’s all about relationships. A user will see updates from people and organisations based on past interactions. That is, if you always like or share from a person or organisation, you’ll see more like that.

Content Strategy Secret

What’s the content strategy “secret sauce” for how you can post items? What will help you to expand your reach? It all comes down to making content that your users will want to share. How do you do that?

1. Be useful.

People share your content because they think it will be helpful to friends and family.

2. Be self-defining.

People share because it helps define who they are to others. They will share funny things to be seen as funny. They’ll share inspiring stuff to show their best intentions and aspirations.

3. Be impactful.

People share because they want to make a difference. If you give them that opportunity, they’ll help you reach your goals or mission.