How Apple iOS 14 update may affect your Facebook ads

Apple announced that the iOS updates would require to ask for user permission in order to collect and share data using Apple’s device identifier. One such app this update will affect is Facebook and the businesses that use Facebook advertising to market and monetise their business. 

What the update means in simple terms, as far as we know right now, is that soon a pop-up from Apple will begin to ask users of the latest version of its iOS if they want named apps, such as Facebook, to track their digital activity across other companies’ apps and websites. Huge numbers are expected to demur meaning damage to Facebook, possibly Google, and a wide range of other ad-tech businesses. 

Is it all bad?

Some industry experts say that parts of the proposal are an improvement on the existing setup and that change is necessary. The online advertising is often viewed as unwieldly. It’s made up of billions of data points about all aspects of our lives which are automatically traded each and every second of every day. Such a substantial change to this system will impact a range of businesses – from brands advertising products and services online to the ad tech networks and news organisation that push out those ads to every corner of the web. The question then is – how do businesses reinvent how they advertise online? Unfortunately, much of that answer requires us to wait a little longer, to garner a little more information.

What next?

While we are all waiting to see the true impact and of the details of the Apply policy, Facebook has released the following information about how they plan on addressing iOS 14 changes:

“First, we will not collect the identifier for advertisers (IDFA) on our own apps on iOS 14 devices.

We believe this approach provides as much certainty and stability that we can provide our partners at this time. We may revisit this decision as Apple offers more guidance.

Additionally, we will remind users that they have a choice about how their information is used on Facebook and about our Off-Facebook Activity feature, which allows them to see a summary of the off-Facebook app and website activity businesses send to Facebook and disconnect it from their accounts.”

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