Why you need a CRM in 2021

91% of companies with more than 11 employees now use a CRM – why?

In 2021 everything in business is customer-centric and along with that comes high expectations. It’s imperative we understand how customers behave and what they want and need from us. And, it’s important that all areas of our business have easy access to that knowledge.

This understanding allows us to design products and services, communicate and make decisions that improve customer satisfaction. This, in turn, will generate more income for your business.

The best CRM is the one that helps your team to build this understanding and insights. It will have the ability to streamline and simplify your business processes allowing your team to create better experiences for your customers.

How can a CRM help in 2021?

Above and beyond creating better customer experiences, a CRM can help with:

  • Converting potential customers into paying customers
  • Closing more deals
  • Improving the efficiency of your sales funnel
  • Driving more lead generation
  • Getting more engagement from potential customers

But wait, there’s more…

Using a customer relationship management tool improves business in a variety of ways. Consider some of these CRM stats:

  • Eighty-seven percent of people say that the biggest benefit of a CRM is improved sales – and that’s what you’re in business for after all
  • A CRM is a top tool for creating personalised interactions with customers – ensuring a better customer journey
  • Seventy-three percent of marketers use their CRM tool for a shared view of prospects across other departments – working together more easily and effectively

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